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30 Mar

Dinner with our guest Pope!

Hi everyone! This is N Guesthouse Itaewon.

It’s about time that spring comes, our guest from Argentina came to N Guesthouse.
He’s extremely optimistic and energetic, quickly became close with Cienna.

Cienna invited Pope to have dinner with her friends to a 70 years old Jokbal place at Jangchung-dong, it was a great time for everyone while enjoying Korean Traditional Food.

He mentioned that he was going to see a friend at Paralympics in Gangwon-do and he will be back after. True enough, he’s back!

It was a pity Cienna couldn’t get to meet Pope who was back, instead he gave Cienna a cushion brought over personally from Thailand.

Even on the day that he was leaving, while he was packing his luggage, N guesthouse was filled with his overwhelming energy. Before leaving for Argentina, we wished him all the best back in Argentina and if we could meet again in the future!

Have a great time with people who are visiting N Guest house and Cienna!


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