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11 Apr

Lita’s revisit to N Guest house


Lita came back to N Guest house.

She used to be a staff in N Guest house for an year.


Lita gave me and Namhyun who works at one of Hong Seockchen’s restaurant “My Sweet” flower for a gift.

She knew I love flower 🙂

남현씨가 챙겨준 맛난 티라미수 케잌과 딸기 롤케잌, 그리고 얼그레이티.
넘넘 맛있었어요.
고마워요 남현 그리고 Lita♡♡

 Namhyun gave us Tiramisu, strawberry cake and earl grey tea!
SO GOOD. Thank you Namhyun and Lita~~

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