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11 Dec

Cooking Class in November

Hi, everyone 🙂

Every Wednesday, there is cooking class in N Guest house Itaewon.

Itaewon is known for party town and the most international area in Seoul. There are lots of international restaurants around here but if you are looking for home style Korean food and would like to learn how to cook…

N Guest house is the place for you!

Learning and cooking Korean food while you are in Korea must be special experience!!

N Guest house is clean and cozy guest house in Itaewon also close to subway station and main street.

You will have a great cooking time with super nice host Cienna.





3 beautiful Polish ladies cooked “Jabchae” which is glass noodle with beef and vegetables. One of the ladies was vegetarian but it wasn’t a problem. Cienna know how to cook vegetarian food. They really enjoyed to cook and have dinner with Cienna in N Guest house Itaewon.


















Another day dutch girl cooked Korean pan cake which is called “Buchimgae” with Cienna. You see they are having real fun 🙂








Make your trip in Korea special in N Guest house Itaewon.

Korean cooking class every Wed !

Reservation/inquiry : andguesthouse@gmail.com

Kakaotalk : Nguesthouse

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